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Computer Vision Software Engineer
Operations Program Manager

A revolution is afoot.

Even with all of the advances in robotics and computing, consumer electronic device assembly has remained massively manual. The industry is starting to invest in mechanical automation, but will face a roadblock: the manufacturing data systems that run manual lines are ridiculously underpowered and won’t be able to take advantage of the robotic future.

dfxMachina is building the automated factory operating system. We are a robotic data company that is building assembly lines that can sense and react to variations in parts and processes – with the potential to save billions in scrap and rework costs.

dfxMachina is founded by two former Apple mechanical engineers – including the lead on Apple Watch. Instead of just making one product thinner/cheaper/better, they want to fundamentally improve how all products are built. dfxMachina’s technology will level the playing field for Davids fighting Goliaths in the hardware development space. We are building a dynamic team of data-driven engineers who see inefficiencies as opportunities and want to develop a system that not only touches, but improves, millions of things each day.


A decade of hardware manufacturing experience in some of the most advanced consumer electronics factories in the world
Anna Shedletsky
CEO, Founder
Samuel Weiss
CTO, Founder

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